Intel removes giant crane from Rio Rancho site

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Intel reps confirmed Wednesday a smaller crane will replace their large, fallen crane set to go offsite for further investigation.

Last month, at the Rio Rancho site, a wire from that large crane broke. Intel reported no injuries.

The Occupational Health and Safety Bureau and the state’s Regulation and Licensing Department are still working together to find out what happened.

Multiple people in the community nearby said they heard a loud noise when the accident happened. However, Rio Rancho Fire and Rescue reps said no officials reached out to them about the accident.

The Occupational Health and Safety Bureau told KOB 4 this isn’t the first time safety has been a concern at Intel. They received a complaint in October 2022 regarding standards with fall protection for crane operators. They closed the complaint in February after they said the incident didn’t warrant a violation.

Intel issued the following statement Wednesday:

“Our contractors are moving the crane offsite for further investigation. A smaller crane suited for our current and future construction needs will be brought onsite.”