Suspect in deadly street racing crash to be released

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The man accused of causing a street racing crash that left two people dead, and three teens seriously injured is about to get out of jail. 

On Monday, prosecutors failed to convince a judge the suspect should stay behind bars. 

The judge emphasized how dangerous the allegations are, but a law in our state requires prosecutors to prove dangerousness, and that no conditions of release could keep the community safe. 

The judge says they failed on the latter.

“There’s reference in the criminal complaint that the defendant was racing another vehicle which is incredibly dangerous,” said Second Judicial District Court Judge Brett Loveless.

Incredibly dangerous is how Loveless described the allegations against Andy Doreste-Saumell.

“The defendant clearly admitted he was driving over the posted speed limit,” said Loveless.  “But we don’t exactly how fast he was driving.”

Mary Hooper says illegal street racing is not new near Louisiana and Menaul.  

 “I hear it. I live in the middle of the block and I hear them racing all night long,” said Hooper. 

Jenna Hamilton died. Her car was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and her daughter and her friend were badly injured.

Tyler Turnbull also died. Investigators say he was the other person racing his car.

“A number of people lost their lives in this accident,” Loveless said. 

However, Loveless says prosecutors failed to prove there could be no conditions of release that could keep the community safe.

So, he allowed Doreste-Saumell out of jail with a curfew, no access to guns and vehicles.

“So you don’t drive a motorcycle, a car, a truck. You don’t drive a four-wheeler, you don’t drive any mechanized vehicle period,” said Loveless.

Police say Doreste-Saumell had his six-year-old son in the car with him during the crash. It sounds like he is OK, but it’s a different story for two other girls in the victim’s car.