Teen suspect pleads guilty in 2021 murder

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – 18-year-old Anna Bella Dukes pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges she faced in the shooting death of an Albuquerque man in February, according to court records.

According to court documents, Dukes pleaded guilty to four felony charges related to armed robbery. But other charges were dropped, charges for murder, kidnapping and tampering with evidence.

Elias Otero was shot and killed outside his southwest Albuquerque home.

Police say a young woman convinced his brother to meet her, and then at least one person robbed him when he showed up.

Otero was killed after the suspects went to his house demanding money.

18-year-old Adrian Avila is accused of shooting and killing Otero that day. He’s in jail right now awaiting a trial. In April, his pretrial detention decision went all the way to the Supreme Court.

On Sunday, KOB 4 learned from court records that police believe two other guys were involved in killing Otero: Josiah Apodaca – whose charges include murder – and Santos Veronica.