Exclusive: Videos from Alec Baldwin’s cell phone show actor firing weapons on ‘Rust’ set

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SANTA FE, N.M. — KOB 4 has obtained video that appears to show Alec Baldwin firing blanks toward a woman recording – a week before prosecutors say he recklessly shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust.”

Four videos that investigators pulled off Baldwin’s phone show him exiting the church, pulling a pistol, and firing it on either side of the person recording.

KOB 4 has reached out to both sides about the newly-obtained video but has not heard back.

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KOB 4 showed the videos to its public safety expert, retired APD commander Paul Szych, and its legal analyst, Albuquerque attorney Ahmad Assed.

Szych, who has fired guns on movie sets, said the presence of guns automatically means there are safety risks, but Baldwin’s actions in the videos appear to be as safe as any other production you’d see in theaters.

“To me, this does not bring up additional concerns regarding whether or not there could have been a possibility of the camera person being injured in the event those were not blank rounds,” Szych said.

Investigation documents allege Baldwin, “… shoots in what appears to be almost in the direction of the individual filming the video.”

Investigators believe the person holding the phone was not Hutchins.

Szych said actors will try to avoid firing a blank when aiming at a person, but moving a gun around the way Baldwin is seen doing in these videos is often the only way to make the scene look realistic.

“When you’re filming a scene, and you’re intending it to look real,” Szych said. “Those shots are pretty clearly intentionally fired not directly at the camera.”

KOB 4 asked Assed whether this video could impact a possible trial for Baldwin.

“Everything that we’re seeing here means something more relevant to those experts that are trained with a keen eye to know whether this protocol is appropriate or not.”

Assed said it may be notable that Baldwin is pointing guns in the direction of the person filming, and possibly others.

“I think we’re left with a little bit of a void,” he said.

A court date is not set for Baldwin’s next appearance. On Thursday, he pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter.