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4 Investigates

Two lawsuits claim flaws with Archdiocese’s list of accused priests

Student accuses former CNM tutor of harassment, assault

Secretive spyware: APD using tech to snag cell phone information

Bogus state inspector trying to extort nail salons


Consumer News

Businesses balance Facebook privacy concerns, ad needs
What to do if you still haven't filed or paid your taxes
$586M settlement reached with Western Union in scam claims
Contractor's tiny homes may help solve housing problem
Executive's liquor expenses in question

Inspector general questions executive's animal transfers

Crashes common on oil, natural gas thoroughfare

Shattered Faith: Hacienda de los Muchachos

City investigates animal transfers, euthanasia numbers

Animal Welfare associate director on leave amid probe

Hundreds of ankle monitors malfunction – sometimes on their own

State lawmakers cold on idea of funding new APD hires

Pretrial GPS ankle monitors go missing; where do they end up?

Sexual harassment complaints reveal UNM staff targeting students

CYFD secretary seeks dual sentence option for juvenile offenders

Smith’s revisiting shelving policy after reports of expired food

Best of 4 Investigates: Hard-hitting stories from 2017

Jal city manager resigns in wake of sexual harassment allegations

Opioid users resort to natural remedies to fight addiction

Several sexual harassment allegations brought against Jal city manager

Lawmaker says male colleague harassed her last session

Shattered Faith, Part III: Getting help

Shattered Faith, Part II: The wide circle of silence

Shattered Faith, Part I: A dangerous shuffle game

Former employee alleges dentist sexually harassed her for years

Repeat offenders slip through the cracks of the court system

Plaintiff in bogus ADA lawsuits must pay sizable court fees

Tim Keller campaign accused of illegally working with external political group

Hopeful for new backyard pools, company instead leaves customers with empty holes

Why we fought to unseal records detailing abuse by NM priests, and what's next

Hotel hot tubs fail inspections, wait weeks before re-inspection

APD confirms investigation into hot air balloon manufacturer

Auditor questions charter school admin travel expenditures

CYFD puts youth group home on admissions hold amid escapes, violence

APD fingerprint backlog increases to 6,000 cases

In trouble with disciplinary board, lawyer in frivolous ADA suits gives up license

9 of 10 APD officers disciplined for crashes receive verbal or written warning

Candidates return funds after discovery of campaign contribution violations

Mora County Ambulance accused of not responding to calls

Family of woman shot by APD wants officer to provide DNA

Court: 99 ADA lawsuits were malicious; plaintiff owes $40K in court fees

Video shows Cibola County jail guards standing by as inmate dies

Research finds air tankers oftentimes not effective against wildfires

Alleged sexual harassment, poor conditions force teen group home's closure

Report calls safety at LANL into question