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4 Investigates: Albuquerque dentist without a license

4 Investigates: Albuquerque’s ‘unique’ reason for breaking its own animal welfare law

4 Investigates: Policing at the camp housing Afghan refugees in New Mexico

4 Investigates Alert: Scammers preying on New Mexico’s most vulnerable

Consumer News

4 Investigates: Criminal justice reform and New Mexico's jail population

4 Investigates: APD airplane under scrutiny

4 Investigates: Family files lawsuit in death of inmate at MDC

4 Investigates: Educators with shady pasts pass background checks, slipping into classrooms

Fact Check: Tim Keller's second TV ad

Fact Check: First TV ad for Manny Gonzales

Fact Check: Tim Keller's first TV ad

4 Investigates: Does the southern border need the National Guard’s help?

4 Investigates: Former animal shelter employee speaks out on deplorable conditions

Private investigator suspected confessed killer decades ago in cold case murder

4 Investigates: Seeds from China sent to New Mexicans

4 Investigates: New calls for transparency involving Albuquerque’s gunshot detection records

4 Investigates: Is Albuquerque’s gunshot detection technology working?

4 Investigates: How far behind are students because of the pandemic?

4 Investigates: Ransomware attacks on the rise in New Mexico

4 Investigates: Gonzales supporter says his signature was forged on campaign documents

Former APD detectives claim they were pushed out after raising concerns with sex crimes unit

More police K9s forced into retirement following legalization of recreational marijuana

Poll: Gov. Lujan Grisham has 50% approval rating

KOB 4/Survey USA poll asks New Mexicans about crime

KOB 4/Survey USA poll asks New Mexicans about COVID-19 restrictions, vaccines

4 Investigates: Reports of aggressive coyotes on the rise in Albuquerque

4 Investigates: More untold stories of the Catholic Church to be revealed

Lawsuit: Inmate's in-custody death could have been prevented

4 Investigates: As NM braces for legal marijuana, experts warn about dangers of extraction labs

4 Investigates: Drug sniffing police dogs' future in limbo with legalization of marijuana

Investigation raises questions over communication breakdown prior to NMSP officer's death

4 Investigates: How will New Mexico legalization impact Colorado cannabis industry?

DA worries court not monitoring GPS bracelets after hours

2 Belen police officers resign after misconduct investigation and questionable promotions

Fact Check: Melanie Stansbury Attack Ad is Misleading

Bernalillo County judge rules against APS over public records case

4 Investigates: New video reveals scope of street racing problem in Albuquerque

Fact Check: Mark Moores Attack Ad is Misleading

4 Investigates: Albuquerque business leaders step up to help tackle crime problem

4 Investigates: Farmington man accused in Capitol Riot tells his side of the story

Biden's executive orders target 'ghost guns'

4 Investigates: After Biden froze border wall construction, rancher sees uptick in smuggling

One year later: Family of man who was shot and killed by park ranger still seeking closure

4 Investigates: Archdiocese shielded parishes before filing for bankruptcy

4 Investigates: Vaccination Vacations