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4 Investigates

4 Investigates: Protecting the Rio Grande silvery minnow

4 Investigates: Abandoned uranium mines continue to threaten the Navajo Nation

4 Investigates: Impostor priest targeting the faithful

State auditor supervises budget meeting led by embattled Las Vegas mayor


Consumer News

Where'd all the stocks go? Nasdaq's CEO on shrinking market
Businesses have cautious expansion plans as economy weakens
On the Money: Fed's rate cuts strike savers' pocketbooks
Edmunds: 5 tips for lowering your car payment
4 Investigates: Precious land spurs dispute between residents, developer

4 Investigates: Fungus threatens New Mexico bats with extinction

Eye on New Mexico: A look back at 4 Investigates stories

Former BioPark train conductor sues City of Albuquerque for injuries

4 Investigates: The future of water in New Mexico

4 Investigates: State blames Air Force in major poisoning of groundwater

4 Investigates Alert: Scammers target PNM customers

4 Investigates: The dump next door, hundreds of abandoned properties in Albuquerque

4 Investigates: Most banks refuse to work with marijuana industry

4 Investigates: Las Vegas mayor faces voter fraud investigation

Millennials may have to spend more than a decade saving for house down payment

4 Investigates: City of Santa Fe issued cease-and-desist following workplace death

4 Investigates Alert: Businesses cloned, job hunters scammed

NM attorney general orders raid of Las Vegas City Hall, mayor's home

4 Investigates: The battle over oil & gas development near Chaco Canyon

4 Investigates: Federal government shirks responsibility of caring for migrants to NM towns

4 Investigates: Rio Arriba deputies were not trained to use tasers

4 Investigates: Immigrants seeking asylum face growing backlog

4 Investigates: Rio Arriba County deputy tased jail guard in the groin

4 investigates: Skimmer technology evolves; Under-reporting a problem

School board to discuss policies after 15-year-old Tased at Espanola Valley HS

Early days of Albuquerque’s e-scooter program reveal growing pains

4 Investigates: CBD industry is operating in the dark

4 Investigates: How reliable are UNM’s blue emergency phones?

Governor honors law enforcement team which raided northern NM compound

4 Investigates: Real estate robocalls

4 Investigates: State faces pressure to start projects approved in legislature

If a tree falls near the Bosque, who pays for it?

After 9 years in impound lot, City of Albuquerque returns classic car to owner

4 Investigates Alert: Scammers market fake rental listings

4 Investigates: 100+ New Mexico schools failed to keep track of vaccination records

City to return man's Chevy Chevelle nearly a decade after it was seized in Albuquerque

4 Investigates: Victims of convicted NM priest tell their stories

4 Investigates Alert: Fake recruiters target job seekers in gift card scam

4 Investigates: Water Authority backs off fining water wasters

4 Investigates: Children caught in the middle of the immigration 'crisis'

4 Investigates Alert: Thieves used Facebook to scam New Mexico man

4 Investigates: Coors Boulevard has proven deadly for pedestrians

4 Investigates: New Mexico veterans suffering from higher rates of suicide

Hidalgo County’s outdated communication technology needs overhaul

Family claims they’ve been strung along by New Mexico cemetery for months

Scammers clone Valencia Co. Sheriff's Office phone number, demand money