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4 Investigates Alert: Making eggs with Egglettes

Large groups of migrants continue to illegally cross border into NM's Bootheel

4 Investigates: Marjori Krebs involvement in Paul Krebs case

4 Investigates confronts shady ‘phantom’ contractor


Consumer News

Insider Q&A: Grailed CEO talks about popular men's fashion
Pass It On: Grailed CEO on hiring the right people
4 Investigates Alert: Making eggs with Egglettes
Double tap: Investors face taxes for funds that fell in 2018
Gov. slams Pres. Trump's wall after pulling most National Guard troops from border

New Mexico AG raises embezzlement allegations against firm

4 Investigates: Odometer rollbacks and how to spot them

4 Investigates: Sex offender probation terms going unchecked

Another large group of migrants apprehended at New Mexico-Mexico border

New Mexico ranchers frustrated with situation along U.S.-Mexico border

Govt. shutdown impacting robocalls

4 Investigates: Rep. Haaland tackling missing Native women crisis

4 Investigates: Director of state's scientific lab to resign

Scammers targeting federal workers impacted by govt. shutdown

4 Investigates: The best of 2018

Traveling couple complains about bugs in room, hotel calls police

4 Investigates: Preventing Christmas tree fires

4 Investigates: Undercover cameras expose illegal activity at city parks

Driver leaves keys in ambulance, thief leads police on chase

Marine veteran who committed suicide in state prison suffered severe mental health problems

Lawsuit: 2 Scoutmasters sexually abused boy in New Mexico

Two inmates commit suicide within hours of each other at NM prison

Bankruptcy filing: Archdiocese of Santa Fe worth $50 million

Archdiocese of Santa Fe to file for bankruptcy

Attorney general serves Archdiocese of Santa Fe with search warrant

4 Investigates: New Mexico’s Secret DWI Kit Backlog

4 Investigates: Albuquerque hotels draw hundreds of police calls

4 Investigates: Spyware apps making it tougher for domestic violence victims to escape abusers

Video shows bus security guard, driver standing by as passenger is violently confronted

4 Investigates: Thieves offload loot via social media as repeat offenders become more dangerous

4 Investigates visits a haunted house occupied by a sex offender

4 Investigates: AG may take legal action against 3 dioceses that missed disclosure deadlines

4 Investigates: Human body parts can be bought online, and in NM it's completely legal

KOB looks into Senate candidate's eye-opening tweet

Documents show Taos Co. Sheriff's Office ignored request for welfare check on missing boy

4 Investigates: Are splash pads as safe and clean as you'd expect?

New Mexico clergy sex abuse victim responds to Pope's apology

The local implications of Chinese restrictions on recyclables

4 Investigates launches podcast: 'Our Backstory'

Ghost guns: How criminals circumvent firearm laws

4 Investigates finds UNM out millions of dollars in items

What New Mexico can learn about legalizing recreational pot

Seven men sue former priest, alleging child sex abuse

Records: Tribal school board seriously wasted funds

Two lawsuits claim flaws with Archdiocese’s list of accused priests

Student accuses former CNM tutor of harassment, assault