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4 Investigates Alert: Scammers market fake rental listings

4 Investigates: 100+ New Mexico schools failed to keep track of vaccination records

City to return man's Chevy Chevelle nearly a decade after it was seized in Albuquerque

4 Investigates: Victims of convicted NM priest tell their stories


Consumer News

4 Investigates Alert: Scammers market fake rental listings
How we analyzed California's wildfire evacuation routes
Danger from California wildfires pushes newsrooms to unite
It's not just record-high stocks feeling the Fed effect
4 Investigates Alert: Fake recruiters target job seekers in gift card scam

4 Investigates: Water Authority backs off fining water wasters

4 Investigates: Children caught in the middle of the immigration 'crisis'

4 Investigates Alert: Thieves used Facebook to scam New Mexico man

4 Investigates: Coors Boulevard has proven deadly for pedestrians

4 Investigates: New Mexico veterans suffering from higher rates of suicide

Hidalgo County’s outdated communication technology needs overhaul

Family claims they’ve been strung along by New Mexico cemetery for months

Scammers clone Valencia Co. Sheriff's Office phone number, demand money

4 Investigates Alert: Car wrap scam targets college students

4 Investigates: NM doesn’t require elevator safety inspections

4 Investigates: Disabled war veteran claims his rights were violated at courthouse

4 Investigates: Woman fights for parental rights after same-sex marriage crumbles

4 Investigates: Lawmakers consider bill to toughen penalties on shady contractors

Attorney General investigates more priests suspected of rape

4 Investigates Alert: The Potato Express

UNM study disputes state's solitary confinement rates

4 Investigates: Family believes priest may have played a role in boy's death

4 Investigates: Imposter tricks Bernalillo Co. DA's office, inmate released

4 Investigates Alert: Making eggs with Egglettes

Large groups of migrants continue to illegally cross border into NM's Bootheel

4 Investigates: Marjori Krebs involvement in Paul Krebs case

4 Investigates confronts shady ‘phantom’ contractor

Gov. slams Pres. Trump's wall after pulling most National Guard troops from border

New Mexico AG raises embezzlement allegations against firm

4 Investigates: Odometer rollbacks and how to spot them

4 Investigates: Sex offender probation terms going unchecked

Another large group of migrants apprehended at New Mexico-Mexico border

New Mexico ranchers frustrated with situation along U.S.-Mexico border

Govt. shutdown impacting robocalls

4 Investigates: Rep. Haaland tackling missing Native women crisis

4 Investigates: Director of state's scientific lab to resign

Scammers targeting federal workers impacted by govt. shutdown

4 Investigates: The best of 2018

Traveling couple complains about bugs in room, hotel calls police

4 Investigates: Preventing Christmas tree fires

4 Investigates: Undercover cameras expose illegal activity at city parks

Driver leaves keys in ambulance, thief leads police on chase

Marine veteran who committed suicide in state prison suffered severe mental health problems

Lawsuit: 2 Scoutmasters sexually abused boy in New Mexico

Two inmates commit suicide within hours of each other at NM prison

Bankruptcy filing: Archdiocese of Santa Fe worth $50 million