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School board member hit with bribery, misconduct allegations

4 Investigates: New Mexico study aims to unlock the brains of murderers, prevent violence

4 Investigates: City of Santa Fe hit with safety violations following employee death

4 Investigates puts bulletproof backpacks to the test


Consumer News

US-China trade war weighing on world's growth, IMF says
Retail worry: Will wine, cheese tariffs hurt holiday sales?
Edmunds compares 2020 Kia Soul and Jeep Renegade
Cybersecurity whiz: Combined threats endanger 2020 vote
4 Investigates: Prostitution in massage parlors

4 Investigates: Scammers asking for people's DNA

4 Investigates: Justice delayed for grieving mother

4 Investigates: State leaders weigh legality of do-it-yourself teeth straightening

Facing criticism, Lottery Authority defends CEO's pay increase

Woman claims City of Albuquerque employee evicted her because of anti-immigrant speech

More sex abuse lawsuits filed against Catholic priests who served in NM

Suspected drunk driver still not charged in Uber crash that killed couple

4 Investigates: Methane emissions in New Mexico

4 Investigates: New Mexico's energy battle

4 Investigates: Protecting the Rio Grande silvery minnow

4 Investigates: Abandoned uranium mines continue to threaten the Navajo Nation

4 Investigates: Impostor priest targeting the faithful

State auditor supervises budget meeting led by embattled Las Vegas mayor

4 Investigates: Precious land spurs dispute between residents, developer

4 Investigates: Fungus threatens New Mexico bats with extinction

Eye on New Mexico: A look back at 4 Investigates stories

Former BioPark train conductor sues City of Albuquerque for injuries

4 Investigates: The future of water in New Mexico

4 Investigates: State blames Air Force in major poisoning of groundwater

4 Investigates Alert: Scammers target PNM customers

4 Investigates: The dump next door, hundreds of abandoned properties in Albuquerque

4 Investigates: Most banks refuse to work with marijuana industry

4 Investigates: Las Vegas mayor faces voter fraud investigation

Millennials may have to spend more than a decade saving for house down payment

4 Investigates: City of Santa Fe issued cease-and-desist following workplace death

4 Investigates Alert: Businesses cloned, job hunters scammed

NM attorney general orders raid of Las Vegas City Hall, mayor's home

4 Investigates: The battle over oil & gas development near Chaco Canyon

4 Investigates: Federal government shirks responsibility of caring for migrants to NM towns

4 Investigates: Rio Arriba deputies were not trained to use tasers

4 Investigates: Immigrants seeking asylum face growing backlog

4 Investigates: Rio Arriba County deputy tased jail guard in the groin

4 investigates: Skimmer technology evolves; Under-reporting a problem

School board to discuss policies after 15-year-old Tased at Espanola Valley HS

Early days of Albuquerque’s e-scooter program reveal growing pains

4 Investigates: CBD industry is operating in the dark

4 Investigates: How reliable are UNM’s blue emergency phones?

Governor honors law enforcement team which raided northern NM compound

4 Investigates: Real estate robocalls

4 Investigates: State faces pressure to start projects approved in legislature

If a tree falls near the Bosque, who pays for it?